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New year 2012 - the year of the Dragon

In DRAGON exuberant health and vitality, activity. Clear and pure as gold, he is incapable of meanness, hypocrisy, backbiting, even to the most basic of diplomacy. Although it is not so naive as good PIGS, he is trusting, and it can always cheat. DRAGON sensitive. Often concerned for false reasons. His desire for perfection makes it demanding to both themselves and others. He scrupulous. Many demands, but it brings a lot more.
Irritable. DRAGON unrestrained language, and words are often ahead of his thoughts. However, it should be with his good or bad opinion stated, because he gives good advice.

Irrepressible enthusiast, he enjoys easy. Proud, capable man versatile, intelligent, strong-willed, tough and generous. Listen to him, he was influential.

Throughout his life, DRAGON will not need anything. Can succeed in any business. Choose a career as an artist, priest, soldier, doctor or politician will always shine. If he would devote himself to the great cause he always do the trick. Unfortunately, he might as well be a bad deal to go and win - he won!

In love, it is often love, but he loves rare. He will never be a love disappointment or grief. However, the dragon can sometimes be the cause of drama and despair. Women of this sign will be a success.

DRAGON rarely marry young, and some even remained a bachelor. He has a taste for the bachelor life. It's up to him. In solitude he feels happier.

He can connect his life with the rats, as in love RAT endure anything, even indifference. Of course, the Rat will take advantage of all that will DRAGON, and in turn help him critical mind and the love of money. The same can be attributed to the snake. ROOSTER - braggart can find common ground with the dragon.
He picks up the crumbs from the pleasure of his success. As in love, and in cases MONKEY complement it. It will enrich him with his cunning, and the dragon it - its power. They mutually need each other, but just be aware of this monkey was given. DRAGON also have to be careful: all signs of a monkey can make fun of him. Her humor is often softens the pride of the Dragon.

For men - Dragon will always be attractive beauty of the woman-serpent, which he would be proud. Alliance with the Tiger for calm will not. But most of all dragon must avoid quiet dog - a pessimist and realist who does not believe in it.

The dragon will be some difficulties in the first phase of his life, because it requires a lot of their loved ones. His artistic temperament would cause many problems in the second phase of his life.

Exceeding their environment DRAGON often accompanies a sense of incomprehensibility. In fact, they will marvel, it will be heard. How small will be his sorrow, so great his success. He has a difficult character, he was suffering from frustration. But he will be happy in the last phase of his life that will bring him everything he wants. This is a sign of luck, a sign of heavenly power and the most noble of astrological influence. It symbolizes life and growth. DRAGON brings four well-being: wealth, virtue, harmony and longevity.
But every medal has its reverse side, and if there is an impression of light the fate of the dragon, do not forget that this is an illusion. DRAGON always shines, but it does not shine so bright that it can be blind. The force of his personality - only an appearance. He does not really exist - it's an animal for a parade, carnival type figure, a serene and powerful.

In accordance with his wishes, he will spew fire, gold and water, but it will eat after the holiday, and like the phoenix, he will once again rise from the ashes for the next holiday. This is a chimeric animal.

Congratulations to the new year 2012!

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