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New Year In Scotland (hogmanay)

December 31st is the official holiday all over Scotland as it is the New Year's Eve or the Hogmanay. New Year in Scotland is celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm on January 1st. Hogmanay is also called 'night of the candle'. The idea of celebrating Hogmanay dates back to the pagan celebrations of the winter solstice. These celebrations were inherited from the Vikings who celebrated Yule in the medieval period.

Hogmanay Traditions
People of Scotland perform all traditions earnestly to bring in prosperity and good health in the New Year. There is a tradition of cleaning the house and surrounding area on 31st December. They also burn juniper branches and carry it throughout the house. People believe that all debts and loans should be paid off before the New Year.

Tradition of Fireball Swinging
The custom of fireball swinging is quite popular in Stonehaven (North-east Scotland). People make balls of chicken wire, tar and paper. Each ball has a 2m wire attached to it. Swingers then swing the balls over their body and head while walking through the streets. The main attraction of the day is casting the burning balls in the harbor. This makes the display even more impressive at the evening time. It signifies the power of sun to purify the world by consuming all evil spirits.

Custom of bonfires
At many places in Scotland, people light bonfires and straw like figures called Auld Wife which represents old year thrown in the burning fire. There is also a torchlight procession which adds to the ongoing New Year activities. Crackers are also burnt to scare off the evil spirits.

Tradition of First Footing
This tradition starts immediately after midnight. The first person to step in the house sets the luck for the coming year. A tall, dark, handsome and dark-haired man is welcomed bearing the New Year gift. The gift should be symbolic such as salt, coal, whisky, shortbread and black bun.

Traditional Song
As soon as church bells strike at midnight to welcome the New Year, people start singing the traditional New Year song "Auld Lang Syne" .

Handsel Day
The first Monday of the New Year is celebrated as Handsel Day. On this day, employers give presents to their employees and children are given presents by their parents.

Hogmanay Celebrations
The first person to rise up in the morning take Het Pint (spiced ale) to those members who are still asleep. On the New Year's day, children get up early and take rounds singing traditional songs. They are given coins, pies, apples and candies for their sining.

New Year celebrations are a blend of music, drinks and dance when it comes to Scotland. All party halls, clubs, discotheques and restaurants are thronged with people in full party mood. People hug, kiss and wish each other Happy New Year. Special food eaten on this day include wine, cordials, cheese, bread, currant loaf, cones and oatcakes.

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New Year In Germany

Nuejahr or New Year in Germany is celebrated on January 1 as per the Gregorian Calendar. People bid farewell to the old year and welcome the New Year in a rocking manner. They eat, drink, dance, play games, exchange wishes and even make resolutions to bring in the New Year.

New Year's Tradition
With the New Year celebrations, people of Germany do not forget to follow all their customs and traditions. A very popular tradition of telling future called Bleigiessen is followed with great amount of excitement by the Germans. They would drop molten lead into cold water and predict future of people from whatever shape it created. If it took the shape of a heart or ring it meant wedding, shape of ship meant journey and a pig symbolized plenty of food in the coming year. Another tradition of leaving a bit of every food on new Year's Eve until after midnight ensured surplus food year ahead.

New Year's Celebrations in Germany
New Year's Eve is celebrated with gaiety and zest by the people of Germany. People are in a full mood to enjoy and party hard. New Year's celebration begins with the New Year's Eve. Silvester is the New Year's Eve in Germany. December 31st is the feast day of Saint Silvester and is so New Year's Eve named after him. Silvester was a pope who lived in the fourth century. According to the German legends, he healed the leprosy and baptized the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great. And also Silvester was the only pope to meet the acknowledged members of Jesus's family.

New Year's Eve is a noisy affair. These celebrations are all about dancing, singing, drinking and having a lavish meal. People like to spend time with their dear ones. Party places and restaurants are overcrowded with people. The huge New Year bash of Brandenburger Tor in Berlin is famous worldwide.

As soon as clock strikes 12 at night, people are seen hugging, kissing and wishing each other "Gutes Nue Jahr" or "Happy New Year". Bells of churches start ringing loudly. Champagne and wine flow lavishly and fireworks light up the sky. Thus, New Year is welcomed in a merry way by the people of Germany.

Playing special New Year games is another feature of New Year's celebrations. At homes, people enjoy the festive craze by watching special New Year programs. It is considered very auspicious by the people to have carp (a type of fish) or herring and toast made with champagne or sekt. Cabbage and carrots are also eaten to bring in financial stability. For Silvester, lentil (or split pea) soup with wieners is very popular. It is prepared a few days before the New Year. People also share meat and cheese fondue with family and friends as the New Year feast.

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New Year In Persia (nowruz)

Noruz or Persian New Year falls on spring equinox around March 21st according to the Gregorian Calendar. Festival preparations begin well in advance. Noruz lasts for 13 days. It is a special day for Iranians. They believe on this day, earth is recreated and new crops grow. New Year rituals and customs performed in Persia make these celebrations a gala affair.

Noruz Traditions
Numerous New Year traditions are performed by the people of Persia. These rituals are performed with same devotion and gusto in Persia as it was practiced in earlier times.

Khaneh Tekani
People start cleaning their house many days before the New Year. This tradition of cleaning the house is called Khaneh Tekani meaning "shaking your house". People not only buy new things for their house but also buy new clothes to welcome the New Year.

Traditional Eidi
It is in the tradition of Iranians to meet the relatives and older family members from first day till 12th day of New Year. Gifts and other precious items are exchanged in due course. It is considered very important by the people that all personal disputes are sorted out otherwise it is supposed to bring bad luck. Children pay homage to their elders and children also receive Eidi which is money given by their elders as a New Year's gift.

Tradition of Planting Seeds
Another tradition of planting wheat or lentil seeds are used to make Sabzeh which are considered highly auspicious. People perform these rituals with sincerity and devotion. It is supposed to symbolize rebirth.

Tradition of Sweets
A popular tradition is to place something sweet outside the home, a night before the New Year. Then on the first morning, first person comes into the house with that sweet thing which is another means of attaining good year.

Traditional herald - Haji Pirooz
A traditional messenger of Noruz is called Haji Pirooz or Hadji Firuz. He brings in good news for the people. He is related to the rebirth of the Sumerian God of Sacrifice, Domuzi who was killed at the end of the year and is supposed to reborn at the beginning of the New Year. Haji Pirooz sings and dances through the streets wearing dark make up and a red attire.

Noruz Celebrations
On the first day of Noruz, all family members sit around haft-sin table and pray for each others' good health and prosperity. Then they hug and kiss each other. Special meal is eaten by all the family members sitting together. It includes sabzi pulav (rice with vegetables), fish and kuku sabzi (herb quiche).

The 13th day of the New Year is called Sizdeh bedar. On this day, nobody stays at home as it is considered unlucky. People throw Sabzeh which are grown at home in running water tor remove all the bad luck from their home. At the end of the day, people eat a special noodle soup for Sizdeh bedar. It is also customary for unmarried girls to tie the leaves of the Sabzeh to get married before the next year's Sizdeh bedar.

After performing all rituals, it's time to party for the people of Persia. Many people also indulge into huge parties and balls. Some people even throw New Year parties to spend some good time with their near and dear ones.

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New Year In Europe

In the medieval period, Europeans celebrated New Year on December 25th along with the Christmas. But in 1582, Pope Gregory III ordered adoption of Gregorian calendar and January 1 was officially adopted as New Year's Day. Since then this day is celebrated with mirth and excitement. New Year in Europe is greeted with special songs and gifts.

New Year's Tradition in Europe
Traditions and customs make a splendid New Year celebration. In Europe, these traditions are followed from the medieval period. People practice these traditions earnestly and devotionally. Some of the most important traditions are briefed below:

Tradition of First-Footing
A very old tradition of 'first-footing' is practiced very seriously in Europe till date. When the clock strikes at midnight, a male stranger must be the first person to enter the house. It is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity for the family. The visitor must bring with him lump of coal, bread and some salt. These visitors traditionally greet the family members saying "Lang may your lum reek" (Long may your chimney smoke). There is also an old tradition of gift-giving in Europe. It is considered the best way to give warm New Year blessings and wishes.

Tradition to Make Noise
In Europe, people follow a custom of making noise to welcome the New Year. New Year parties are a noisy affair in Europe. This is done to scare off all the bad spirits. People burst massive firecrackers, blow horns, trumpets, whistles and bells to ring in the fresh New Year.

Europeans believe in tradition of fortune-telling and follow it earnestly. Some people are highly superstitious and believe that the future-forecast will make them aware of anything new for them in the coming year.

New Year's Celebrations in Europe
New Year celebrations are highlighted with dazzling lights and noisy crackers. Bonfires and fireworks are seen all around. People of Europe splurge in night parties, sumptuous dinners, drinks and dances. There are live concerts and shows specially organized for New Year.

New Year Parades are the most entertaining part of the celebrations. A very big New Year parade takes place in Rome every year. Thousands of people gather at St.Peter's Square to receive the blessings of the Pope.

In Northern Europe, a famous New Year ceremony take place. It is called 'Up-Helly-Aa'. The locals of this area dress up like Vikings and parade around the main town of Lerwick. They hold burning torchlights to cast away darkness in the area. This ceremony ends up with launching a burning Viking ship and bonfires.

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New Year In China

If you are in China at the time of New Year you will hear people wishing you Gung Hay Fat Choy. Don't get worried, it is Happy New Year in Chinese.

New Year celebrations is a grand event of China. New Year festivities lasts for one month in China. Chinese New Year is also called Spring festival. It begins from the middle of the last month of the year and ends up in the first month of the new year. These last day celebrations in China is called Lantern Festival.

History of Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year has a very interesting and unique history. According to the Chinese legends, there was a giant beast Nian who used to swallow humans in a single bite. Relief from the horrifying beast came only when people realized that Nian was scared of red color and loud noises. They started bursting crackers and used red color to scare the beast. Since then, this day was named as GuNian meaning "Pass over the Nian". Chinese considered the day an auspicious one as it brought new life for them and celebrated it as a New Year.

Chinese New Year Dates
Chinese New Year falls on a different date every year. Chinese calender is a combination of solar and lunar calender. Chinese New Year falls on second new moon after the winter solstice. Chinese calender has a 12 year cycle and each year is named after animal. Chinese believe that every person resembles an animal and this reflects their traits. Year 2006 was the Year of the Dog. People born on this date are said to be very loyal and trustworthy. Similarly, every year has a it's own significance. Chinese New Year begins in February 18th 2008 and it is the Year of Pig.

Chinese New Year Celebrations
Lot of excitement can be seen in the last 15 days of New Year celebrations. Every day has a special importance to it. Chinese ritualize and celebrate each day in a customary manner. Given below are the line wise celebrations of the New Year in China:

Day 1: People began their day by offering prayers and welcome the gods of heaven and earth. Most of the people stay away from meat to ensure healthy living.

Day 2: Successively, prayers are offer to their ancestors and other gods. Chinese are strict care-taker of dogs and feed them well. This is day is considered to be th birthday of all dogs.

Day 3 and 4: These are very important days for the families to keep up their relations. It calls for every son-in-law to pay respect to their parents-in-law.

Day 5: According to the traditions, nobody visits friends and relatives houses as it would bring bad omen. They stay back home to worship the God of wealth. The day is called Po Woo.

Day 6: On this day, people freely meet their near and dear ones and even visit nearby temples to pray for their well being and high spirits.

Day 7: This is Chinese farmers' day. They display their backbreaking produce. They also prepare a drink from seven different types of vegetables. On this day, everybody eats noodles which is a symbol of long life and fish representing success.

Day 8: It's an other day to be celebrated with the family and friends. They also offer midnight prayers to Tian Gong, the God of Heaven.

Day 9: Prayers are offered to Jade Emperor.

Days 10 to 13: From 10 to 12, people celebrate the days by having sumptuous dinner with the loved ones and the 13th day is left for a very light dinner to cleanse the system.

Day 14: People start preparing for the celebration of Lantern Festival to be held on next day.

Day 15: Since it is the first night to see full moon, people hang out colorful lanterns, eat glutinous rice balls and enjoy the day with their families.

Chinese New Year Traditions and Decorations
To prepare for the New Year, Chinese clean their houses, repay any money they owe, get their hair cut, and buy new clothes. They also light up their houses and adorn it with signs of peace and luck. They use red color in all their decorations which is very considered auspicious.

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New Year In Russia

New Year in Russia is celebrated on January 1, the first day of the Gregorian Calendar. In earlier times, New Year was celebrated in the month of September. Later, this day was forbidden by Czar Peter, the Great. In 1699, a decree was read about counting of years from Birth of Christ since January 1. Thus, this day was declared as a New Year's day in Russia. Since then, New Year became a family holiday for the people of Russia.

New Year Traditions
Amongst the most popular New Year symbols is a New Year's Tree called Novogodnaya Yolka which is topped with a bright star and decorated with various sweets. Another popularly celebrated New Year tradition is the arrival of Ded Moroz or Father Frost and his granddaughter Snegurochka the snow girl. They bring in New Year presents for the good children and keep them under the New Year's Tree. Children sing a song to make Father Frost happy.

New Year verve can be seen by the family get-together, use of fireworks, delicious meals etc. The most important part of the New Year activities is the sumptuous dinner with light music and champagne. The most important meals include meat, green peas, pickles, mayonnaise, onion, carrots and potatoes.

Russians also follow the tradition of listening to the New Year Speech from the President on New Year's Day. There are some more fascinating traditions followed at the time of New Year and the famous one is the tradition of fortune telling. Many people especially women and unmarried girls are excited to know about their future indulge in this acitivity.

New Year Celebrations in Russia
New Year is more of a winter vacation in Russia. Schools remain closed from January 1 till January 13. The main New Year celebrations begin from night of December 31. People usually prefer to spend the day with their friends and family members. Party clubs, hotels and discotheques are all jammed up at the time of New Year. The main New Year celebrations come to an end on January 13th, when the country celebrates the Old - Style New Year. This day is not declared as a public holiday but is celebrated to mark the beginning of the year according to the Julian calendar.

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New Year In India

New Year has become a national festival in India. The excitement to celebrate the event is present everywhere. The day is celebrated with a lot of fervor and enthusiasm and is marked by prayers', parties, New Year fetes and social feasts.

New Year's Eve in India
New Year's Eve in India is the time to party and dig into the last minute fun. People enjoy partying with friends and family members. All the night clubs, discotheques, amusement parks and even the cinema halls are thronged by people of all ages. The idea behind these get-togethers is to give farewell to the by-gone year and welcome the New Year bountifully.

People in New Year Eve's Parties are seen in colorful new dresses especially selected for the occasion. New Year Eve's party in India usually hold a festive theme. Be it a color code or a unique dress code - theme dressing heightens the spirit of the New Year Eve's mood.

Popular actors from Bollywood besides, professional dancers and singers take opportunity of New Year's Eve celebrations to cheer up people by their music and dance. People escalate these celebrations with good music, dance, sumptuous dinner and of course by lighting bonfires and burning crackers.

To avoid partying at over crowded places, many people whether in small or large groups organise their private parties. Whatever be the case people from all classes have fun and joy.

New Year Celebrations in India
Different cities in India have different ideas of celebrating New Year. In metropolitan and big cities New Year celebrations are lavish and grand while in smaller cities and towns these celebrations tend to be comparatively low-key. Although, in present times one can see smaller cities are trying to catch up with the euphoria and the extravaganza of the big town New Year bashes.

While parties and fun work for some, many people have different idea for New Year celebrations. As some people prefer to stay back home and enjoy the New Year festival with their loved ones. Some visit temples and offer prayers on the New Year Day and start the year on an auspicious note.

People also exchange New Year gifts, flowers and greeting cards with their dear ones. This helps to create a feeling of togetherness and care. People also make New Year resolutions on the day and promise to follow it up.

New Year Eve in Goa
Rave parties are life of Goa- full of dance, music and jest. These parties are organized every night around the time of New Year. It attracts a large number of tourists from India and around the world. New Year celebrations. New year balls are organised in almost every town and village of Goa. People are often seen relishing the gala dinner on the beach restaurants and hotels. Apart from it, live orchestra parties form an integral part of New Year celebrations. An air of festive mood pervade everywhere and become go maniac about the last minute celebrations.

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New Year In US

New Year in United States is celebrated on January 1, the first day of Gregorian Calendar. This is a Federal holiday in US. On this day, many people make resolutions to give away bad deeds and renew life with good ones. It's the time to remember the achievements and make merry for the New Year. New Year is expected to bring good luck and charm for people and this is the reason why Americans love to celebrate it with fun and enjoyment.

New Year's Eve in United States
New Year's Eve celebration is a gala affair for the people of US. They love to enjoy even the last minute of the going year and welcome the New Year with a blast. Midnight parties, sumptuous dinners, live music and the dance floors make a perfect New Year's Eve bash. Every year, a huge ball is organized at Time Square in the New York City. This New Year celebration is watched over by large number of Americans. A minute before the New Year's Day, a brightly lighted ball is dropped slowly from the top of a pole. As soon as the ball reaches the ground, it gives a signal of New Year and everybody hug and kiss each other wishing Happy New Year.

Elsewhere, many of New Year parties in US have a dress code or a theme. People cover their faces with masks. They unmask themselves only when the clock strikes 12. To have some merriment with the family members at the beginning of the New Year, people prefer to celebrate it at their homes. Many people watch television, eat the auspicious black-eyed peas and rice called Hoppin' Johns. There is also a tradition to open champagne bottles as the clock strikes midnight on the New Year's Eve.

New Year Day Celebrations in United States
New Year's Day begin by wishing the near and dear ones 'Happy New Year'. People visit their loved ones place and sometimes go out for picnic with them. New Year celebrations are further accelerated by watching the famous Tournament of Roses Parade. Theme of the parade varies every year. Today, the parade is followed by thousands of participants - marching bands, dancing and singing various songs. The queen of the tournament rides on a special float made from lacs of flowers. This is a very eye-catchy scene of the whole parade. There is also a New Year custom to play the most famous games of football such as the Orange Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl.

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New Year in America - Traditions and Customs

Come and be part of the celebrations to discover the American New Year traditions and enjoy the fun filled moments on the new year eve. America is of diversified culture with different ethnic background people. You would enjoy the various traditions of New Year in America. In the US, new year is a declared public holiday and everyone is eagerly waits for the celebrations.

You would be surprised to explore the different American New Year traditions that bring fireworks, parties, gifts and musical events. New York is the main attraction during the Christmas and New Year. You can expect people from all corners of the world joining to enjoy the festive mood.

Fun activities during New Year in the US

Gatherings and fun moments includes watching of championship football games in the stadiums. The streets are crowded with youth and elderly people dressed fashionably to welcome the new year with great joy.

The Times Square in the New York City hosts several events which is hosted by the television celebrity Dick Clark. Many people love watching these programs broadcasted on the television with all their family and friends. The streets are decorated with lanterns, flash lights and colored papers. Flags are also adorned to express happiness. Giant vibrant colored electric apples are lowered to the ground at the time when people start saying "Happy New Year".

American New Year customs are very colorful and entertaining event. You can have fun at the dance parties which is one of the major celebrations on New Year eve. At the stroke of midnight all the Americans shares kisses and express their New Year greetings. This tradition came in existence from the masked ball which symbolizes evil spirits. It is believed that when you kiss it wades off the veil spirits and purifies the new beginning.

With the change of celebrating ways people have altered this tradition. They honk car horns to express the announcement of New Year party time. People blow paper blowers and whistles which is very exciting way of wishing happy new year!

Traditional American feast on new year

In the United States, it is believed that black-eyed beans are very lucky. It is American custom on New Year to prepare special dinner with different cuisines to gather for family feasts.

A special soul food with rice which is popularly called Hoppin' John is consumed with black eyed beans. During the party people also, have cakes and champagne which is considered very auspicious.

South American New Year traditions

In South America, New Year is known as 'Ano Viego'. People create fake person or dummies and it is placed outside the home. This scarecrow looking toy is stuffed with waste papers and fire crackers. The dummy is dressed like human and it is believed that this symbolized last year.

At the midnight, all the elders of the family set the dummies on fire. This depicts the wading off the old year and evils to welcome the new year. As, the dummy burns the firecrackers also go off to add sparkle and color. This is enjoyed by the children in America. Wish you all a very happy and festive New Year!

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New Year's Day in United States (USA)

New Year's Day falls on January 1 and marks the start of a new year according to the Gregorian calendar. It marks the end of New Year's Eve celebrations in the United States and gives many Americans a chance to remember the previous year.

What do people do?

The start of New Year's Day, at midnight, is heralded by fireworks, parties and special events, which are often televised. Very few people have to work on the day itself. For many it is a day of recovery from the New Year's Eve celebrations the previous night. In some towns and cities, parades are held and special football games are played. The birth of the first baby in the New Year is often celebrated with gifts to his or her parents and appearances in local newspapers and on local news shows. Many people make New Year's resolutions. These are usually promises to themselves that they will improve something in their own lives. Common New Year's resolutions are to stop smoking or drinking alcohol, to lose weight, exercise more or to live a healthier lifestyle.

Public life

Government offices, organizations, schools and many businesses are closed in the USA on New Year's Day. Public transit systems do not run on their regular schedules. Where large public celebrations have been held, traffic may be disrupted by the clean-up operation. In general, public life is completely closed down.


The Gregorian calendar is widely used in many countries such as the United States. This was introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. The Julian calendar that had been in use until then was slightly inaccurate, causing the vernal equinox to move backwards in the calendar year. The Gregorian calendar was not accepted everywhere and some churches, particularly with origins in Eastern Europe, still use other calendars. According to the Gregorian calendar, the first day of the year is January 1.


A common symbol of New Year's Day is Baby New Year. This is often a white male baby dressed in a diaper, a hat and a sash. The year he represents is printed on his sash. He rarely a newborn baby, as many pictures show him sitting up or even standing alone. According to mythology, Baby New Year grows up and ages in a single year. At the end of the year he is an old man and hands his role over to the next Baby New Year. Other symbols of New Year's Day are spectacular fireworks exploding over landmarks and clocks striking midnight as the year begins.

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New year 2012 - the year of the Dragon

In DRAGON exuberant health and vitality, activity. Clear and pure as gold, he is incapable of meanness, hypocrisy, backbiting, even to the most basic of diplomacy. Although it is not so naive as good PIGS, he is trusting, and it can always cheat. DRAGON sensitive. Often concerned for false reasons. His desire for perfection makes it demanding to both themselves and others. He scrupulous. Many demands, but it brings a lot more.
Irritable. DRAGON unrestrained language, and words are often ahead of his thoughts. However, it should be with his good or bad opinion stated, because he gives good advice.

Irrepressible enthusiast, he enjoys easy. Proud, capable man versatile, intelligent, strong-willed, tough and generous. Listen to him, he was influential.

Throughout his life, DRAGON will not need anything. Can succeed in any business. Choose a career as an artist, priest, soldier, doctor or politician will always shine. If he would devote himself to the great cause he always do the trick. Unfortunately, he might as well be a bad deal to go and win - he won!

In love, it is often love, but he loves rare. He will never be a love disappointment or grief. However, the dragon can sometimes be the cause of drama and despair. Women of this sign will be a success.

DRAGON rarely marry young, and some even remained a bachelor. He has a taste for the bachelor life. It's up to him. In solitude he feels happier.

He can connect his life with the rats, as in love RAT endure anything, even indifference. Of course, the Rat will take advantage of all that will DRAGON, and in turn help him critical mind and the love of money. The same can be attributed to the snake. ROOSTER - braggart can find common ground with the dragon.
He picks up the crumbs from the pleasure of his success. As in love, and in cases MONKEY complement it. It will enrich him with his cunning, and the dragon it - its power. They mutually need each other, but just be aware of this monkey was given. DRAGON also have to be careful: all signs of a monkey can make fun of him. Her humor is often softens the pride of the Dragon.

For men - Dragon will always be attractive beauty of the woman-serpent, which he would be proud. Alliance with the Tiger for calm will not. But most of all dragon must avoid quiet dog - a pessimist and realist who does not believe in it.

The dragon will be some difficulties in the first phase of his life, because it requires a lot of their loved ones. His artistic temperament would cause many problems in the second phase of his life.

Exceeding their environment DRAGON often accompanies a sense of incomprehensibility. In fact, they will marvel, it will be heard. How small will be his sorrow, so great his success. He has a difficult character, he was suffering from frustration. But he will be happy in the last phase of his life that will bring him everything he wants. This is a sign of luck, a sign of heavenly power and the most noble of astrological influence. It symbolizes life and growth. DRAGON brings four well-being: wealth, virtue, harmony and longevity.
But every medal has its reverse side, and if there is an impression of light the fate of the dragon, do not forget that this is an illusion. DRAGON always shines, but it does not shine so bright that it can be blind. The force of his personality - only an appearance. He does not really exist - it's an animal for a parade, carnival type figure, a serene and powerful.

In accordance with his wishes, he will spew fire, gold and water, but it will eat after the holiday, and like the phoenix, he will once again rise from the ashes for the next holiday. This is a chimeric animal.

Congratulations to the new year 2012!