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About New Year

New Year's Day is perhaps the oldest of all holidays and celebrated everywhere in the world. New Year's Day mark the end of one calendar year and beginning of another. The date of New Year's Day varies in countries across the globe this is because different countries and communities follow different calendars. Most countries in the world have adopted Gregorian Calendar and celebrate their New Year Day on January 1. It is the celebrations of this New Year Day which we shall discuss under this section.

Celebrating the New Year Day people welcome the coming year and bid adieu to the old. People express their wish that the new year will be filled with health, happiness and prosperity for themselves and all their dear ones. Feasting and merry-making is an integral part of New Year's Day celebrations.

Please click on the links below to understand the traditions, customs and origins of New Year's Day and New Year's Eve celebration. The New Year's Date page lists the New Year's Date of different countries and communities around the world.

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